Sierra Cazorla
Agua Mineral Natural
Natural Mineral Water from natural Grand Reserve. Laboratory result attests to its quality which prove it is a better mineral water than well known waters like Perrier, Evian, Vittel, Volvic, in Sodium , Bicarbonates, Calcium and Magnesium comparatives. It is more Diuretic, Digestive, Balanced and healthy.

It is the No. 1 in quality within Europe.

The packaging is also very upmarket.

Unique Selling Point

  • More diuretic because of low sodium:
    The most remarkable property of Sierra Cazorla Natural Mineral Water. Irreplaceable as part of diets to control blood tension.

  • More digestive because of high content of bicarbonates:
    The high content of bicarbonates does Sierra Cazorla Natural Mineral Water very digestive and favours the expulsion of citrate, inhibiting the appearance of kidney stones.

  • More balanced composition:
    The proportion between various minerals means Sierra Cazorla Natural Mineral Water is among those most balanced in components.

Product Information
Name of Product Sierra Cazorla Natural Mineral Water Sierra Cazorla Sparkling Water
Range Water Water
Water Natural Mineral Water Sparkling Water
Bottle Size 1 L. , 500 ml. and 330 ml. 1 L. , 500 ml. and 330 ml.
Origin Spain Spain

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